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Are Present Programs For The Aged Adequate?
December 10, 1967

Today, in America, according to a recent statistic...the average couple living on Social Security receives about 1,500 dollars a year. We think this is a disgrace. Why should they get that much?...They don't work...they just sit around doing nothing. If they were thirty years younger, they'd be called bums...

Personally, we think it's high time we stopped kow-towing to that Old Fogey's Lobby. All they do is complain...complain...complain. But I have yet to hear of anyone buring his Social Security card...The more they get the more they want. Nobody bothers to tell you that right now the oldsters get more than just the fifteen hundred dolars a year. They are also entitled to a hundred extra for every child under five... and, you'd be surprised how few are taking advantage of this...

Now let me make this crystal clear. We have nothing against old folks. As the social workers say, plans that is currently helpful in doubt will for the new originating out of a functioning action necessarily generate a domestic discernible pattern of purpose...and keeps the flies off them...Take Gramma Paulsen...90 years old...and no Social Security...but that's fine with us. She's our responsibility and we take care of her. We don't send her away somewhere. We keep her in our backyard...built her a little lean-to out there...and, everything's fine...She's happy and great company for Rover.

In conclusion, we say it's time to re-examine this whole Social Security proram. It all started back in 1932. They said it would take care of the whole old people problem. We've been paying into it all this time...35 years, and what has it done? There are more old people now than when we started. So if we can't be constructive let's forget it...

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.