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Auto Safety
February 26, 1967

(This Editorial was Performed in Double Talk.)

Are the summer soldiers in the war against auto safety turning their backs on that fierce and terrible winter campaign which comes in any war of this fighting drain?

Should we regroup our forces and advance or should we move to the bilge part back? The crux is a stimulating ridge on the lee side yet tabled on the other.

First there are only two ways to go. One way is neither right nor wrong and the other way isn't.

We know that taking a firm grade is pledganous and facts will bare us out.

Certainly the National Traffic Agency will basic its alternate standards for 1968 and no, I repeat, no automotive company will have gretched this properly in order to formalize.

In spite of these revolutionally eliminations should be incorporated for the inacquices of further waging.

We at the Smothers Brothers Corporation feel strongly about this and believe a continuing reaction is necssary for reasons involved.

We demand a step by the giants of the Auto Industry should all, for these many years.

We suggest simply lowering the statistics which implies we stop counting accidents. This is a necessity for all who trudge and all those who glog the gains of life and I think we should all ask ourselves this question - How Much?

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.