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Keeping Our Cities Clean
March 12, 1967

Tonight I am going to talk to you about something that you and I are all concerned with...namely the litter in our streets. By litter, of course, we are referring to banana peels, old newspapers, popsicle sticks, candy wrapping and such usable items as cigar butts...Litter is something we are all against...It's all right in its place...but what isn't?

How many of us walk down the street each and every day kicking into boxes, bottles and cans? It's bad for the eyes...and bad for the feet...

Last year in the city of Cleveland the amount of trash and paper in the streets was reduced by 500 tons. So we commend the good people of Cleveland. Murder was up...but litter was down.

I have a neighbor who keeps a litter bag in his car at all times. He is constantly putting things into this litter bag and the thing that bothers me is his lodge parts pull the three mains into several suc-pars with a real itching car--and the neighbors grabbed the port dors and threw a gorge all over him...so that his parges were flying. Naturally a dog wouldn't touch it. Even though dogs litter themselves a lot...Now then, what can we all do?

We would like to suggest to the State Legislature an ammendment, which if passed will provide for a woman to come in three days a week to clean your city...Now, that's a beginning. The rest is up to each of us.

So, remember, keep your ashes in the ashtrays...put your papers in the receptacles...and please curb your dogs..........

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.