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Congressional Ethics
January 12, 1968

Everywhere you go lately you hear this Senator or that Congressman accused of padding expense accounts...milking campaign funds...or engaging in some form of financial hanky panky. We deplore this loose, unpatriotic talk. It can only lead to investigations...and convictions...and before long, no one would be left to run our government....of course, there are abuses...but usually there are reasons.

These lawmakers don't like to take graft and big bribes...but how else can they get the money to buy votes...They can't all make great records like Everett Dirksen...And, all the fuss about that Senator who rented a yacht at government expense and threw a series of wild orgies...Picky...picky...picky...What do they expect him to do, spend six years staring at those crummy cherry trees?...

A lot of these criticisms don't even make sense. I read one article that spent two pages proving how corrupt our Congressmen are...and another two pages complaining that they never show up for roll calls. If they're so crooked who wants 'em around? This is not to say that we condone loose conduct. We feel that when a man is elected, he immediately forecloses regress advocating all rights and moral dissections...without fear or favor taking upon himself dreps, chrone, maze, and obligations beyond gluts...or in the immortal words of Adam Clayton Powell... "A public office is a public trust."

Some of us forget that these are human beings trying to do a job. Take my own Congressman...please... After twenty years in office, he was accused of chiseling millions on various contracts. Everyone turned against him. Imagine a decent man like that suddenly ostracised after twenty years... I felt so sorry for him that I looked him up...and it wasn't easy because he is now living in Argentina...under an assumed name...

In conclusion, let's all remember that we have a government "of the people...for the people...and by the people..." and there are very few people in our government that you can't buy...

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.