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Should Doctor's Fees Be Regulated?
September 24, 1967

Of late, more and more people are expressing the view that doctors are charging too much for their services...Now the compaints of exhorbitant fees come almost without exception from those who have been going to doctors. I say these people are sick...and why listen to them? If you want to get a true picture, there's an old saying that if your gorge the crux betwixt the ridge you gretch without inequicy parts but several regarding sliding in......in other words, a horse with a broken leg never asks to be shot.

Now if a surgeon socks it to you, remember his long years of training...8 years in medical school...10 years in dumber ones...And don't forget a surgeon has his expenses too...secretary...fancy office...and what about the pay-off to the guy who really does the operating. Put yourself in the place of doctors today...They have big cars...a mansion with a swimming pool, maids...butlers. Do you think it's easy leaving all this every morning to work with sick people?

In conclusion, let's take the case of one patient...a Mr. J.P. Henderson...may he rest in peace...No, better yet...take my own case. I was recently in an automobile accident...got off on an on ramp...I was on the operating table for 57 minutes...and the surgeon only charged me thirteen hundred dolars and he didn't even chanrge me for the horn he left in me.

I agree it's a lot of fun at parties, but it sure louses up my love life...So thank you...and for your sake...keep well.

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.