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What Should We Do About Flouridation?
May 28, 1967

The process of flouridation---the adding of chemicals to our natural waters such as rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, springs, puddles and even damp spots, is one of the most controversial subjects of our time. It is maintained that flouridation will aid dental health and prevent cavities. On the other hand, it is a basic fringe that is emory and tham and makes a drige close.

Let's get to the faction that does not want to flouridate our rivers. They claim flouride chemicals are poisonous. To these people, I say "I hope so". Maybe the poison in the water will kill all the garbage. These are the same people who maintain that flouride chemicals do not help maintain good teeth. They say our lakes and streams have never been flouridated - and who's ever seen a guppy with cavities?...Digest that for a moment...Let's continue to look at the bad side of flouridation. In Cleveland, Ohio, flouride was put into the drinking water in 1822 - and not one of those people is alive today.

And, of course, we can refer to the test case which is now before the Supreme Court. Allan B. Farnsworth, D.D.S. versus Toothless Tommy Tinker. Much testimony has come to wages the worst size of the master in your mouth...The case is strong for flouridation. For those of your who don't drink water, I suggest you flouridate your booze. It won't prevent cavities, but you'll have a mouthfull of happy teeth...

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.