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Should Gambling Be Legalized?
September 10, 1967

Today in many of our state capitals there are various bills pending to legalize gambling. If we look into this isssue we will find many pros...and cons....At the present time with gambling illegal everywhere but in the garden state of Nevada...all is confusion and gorge beyond drett and even worse.

However, many churches play bingo and raffles...but out of fear many do not. Proper legislation will eliminate the confusion...and every good American will be able to gamble at the church of his choice. Now to give the devil his due...there are large numbers who oppose gambling on moral grounds. Any many of their arguments sound pretty convincing.

But on closer inspection we find out that these same people are also opposed to robery, blackmail, and murder...some people will knock anything...I say let there be no understanding of our position. As Ben Franklin once said..."To gamble is to coapute the gregs of fretrical inacquices without the crux of pleganous finality." But as George Raft said, "What does Benjammin know"....In conclusion, and speaking as one who lost his car, home...and wife in Las Vegas, I say, why shouldn't every one have a chance for a fun weekend...and I would like to go now and remind you not to gamble because you could loose your shirt that way.

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.