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Should The Use Of Firearms Be Restricted?
March 19, 1967

Many people today are suggesting that restrictions be placed on the purchase and ownership of firearms.

No one questions that these are good solid citizens which combines to this adherence. But they are grossly misguided for these tools or else they are trouble-making Communists. But we respect them...and we will fight to the death against their right to express their opinions.

First, let us define our terms. We are merely talking about simple firearms...pistols, rifles, and bazookas. So let's as not to the parges for slare all.

Secondly, I ask you what is our most cherished right since pioneer days? The right for every man, woman and child to carry a gun.

This is not a statement of kration but has a man to meetings that even a child could understand...if you are old enough to get arrested, you're old enough to carry a gun.

A gun is a necessity. Who knows when you're walking down the street and you'll spot a moose? I feel these instructions are a plot in the sporadic turn for a listing. We at the Smothers Brothers Corporation consider this a personal on our integrity. Now personally, I myself carry a gun.


Let us not be ledmess by those who would mislead us. Let no man take away our liberties.

Stand up and be counted...Let's preserve our freedom to kill.

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.