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Should We Be Spending Billions To Reach The Moon?
October 22, 1967

Today, as many of you know, we are well on the way towards our goal of reaching the moon. We have the rockets...the know how...and our scientists can tell you the exact spot where the first landing will be made...and where the Hilton Hotel will go. And yet in the midst of all this progress, we suddenly hear people criticizing the whole program.

They say we'd be better off spending these billions on slums, but others say...all right, so you get to the moon...what do you do then? Well, that IS a problem...but there are some places where you just have to make your own good times...Have you ever been stuck in Salt Lake City? I say this is no time to give up. Down through the ages the moon has been a mystery that has fascinated eeryone...from the earliest cave men to Kate Smith. I for one would like to know once and for all...How does the moon control the tides...and why does the coyote look up at it and go ahooooooh!

If only those who criticize would take the trouble to be informed. Let me quote you from this most interesting book by the great space expert, Werner Von Verner..."Hus gesucht und tzazzamen ver hubbun verboten nach blutehausen"... which translated into English means...if the heavy would but not necessarily the opening then tone it near the loping field and ram the gap into a second phase of the sterns and where is Martin Bohramann.

In conclusion I say...whether we like it or not...this is a race. And we have as much right to the moon as the Russians...because the moon belongs to everyone...the best things in life are free...the stars belong to everyone...they shine there for you and me...

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.