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How to properly fill out the Michigan Democratic Primary ballot

January 12th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Michigan Democratic Party sample primary ballotIn Michigan, the Democratic Party has bungled the primary by scheduling it without national party approval. The delegate count in Michigan will not be determined by the popular vote on Tuesday, January 15, but rather by the national party in smoke filled rooms. Hillary Clinton is the only viable candidate on the ballot, and a write-in vote for Pat Paulsen will deny Mrs. Clinton and the party bosses the chance to lay claim to the delegate count from Michigan.

Ask the voting clerk for your democratic primary ballot, locate the write-in line and firmly grasp the pen and write-in PAT PAULSEN. Completely check the box to the right of his name and complete the ballot process. Â

And of course, if you are a Republican voter, you can write-in Pat as well!

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January 2nd, 2008 · 7 Comments


JAN-02 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Pat Paulsen, long time presidential candidate and political pundit, has managed to make headlines again, just months before this year’s U.S. presidential election. As the November 2008 election nears, a series of strange incidents involving Mr. Paulsen, or his likeness, have been reported throughout the country. Paulsen, who allegedly passed away in April 1997, was known for his many runs for the presidency.

In 1996 Paulsen placed second, behind President Bill Clinton, among the 23 candidates running in the New Hampshire Democrat Party primary election.

A former state government official in Bismarck, North Dakota, claimed to have seen Paulsen milling about the state capitol building on November 11th.

“I’m positive it was him. He was wearing a baseball cap and a torn jacket. I called out to him by name and he nodded back to me. When I turned to point him out to my wife, I looked back and he had vanished.”

Paulsen defeated candidate Ross Perot in the North Dakota primary of 1992.

Patrons of Jim’s Spaghetti House, a restaurant in Huntington, West Virginia, caused a stir when, on November 15, Pat’s image seemed to mysteriously appear in a plate of spaghetti at booth number 4. The stunned crowd was asked to stay calm while a waitress whisked away the dish and promptly replaced it with a fish sandwich. Coincidentally, the incident occurred at the same booth where John F. Kennedy dined in 1960, and where Paulsen dined 35 years later.

Attorney Ed Zelenak, counsel for the Paulsen campaign during his 1996 run, says he has experienced visitations from the longtime politician.

“He’s come to me in dreams in the past, but I’ve noted that the visitations are more frequent of late, and they seem to carry a sense of urgency,” Zelenak said.

Dozens of other people have reported similar sightings or visitations, and Paulsen’s website, which is currently being run by his wife, Noma, has been inundated with such accounts and frequent bumper sticker requests.
“I know Pat felt his work here was unfinished. It would not surprise me if he were trying to communicate to us through some paranormal means,” she said.

“Dad always felt cheated after the 1968 election. He made repeated demands for a recount of the write-in votes which unfortunately fell on deaf ears,” said Paulsen’s daughter, Terri. “In fact, he was certain that there was a conspiracy to cover up the real outcome of that presidential race.”

Russ Giguere, lead singer for the musical group, The Association, was a longtime personal friend of Paulsen’s. He doesn’t dispute the recent claims of his sighting and understands the continued attraction.

“Pat was so ahead of his time politically and spiritually,” Giguere said. “He sometimes referred to himself as the ‘simple savior of America’s destiny’. He used to tell me that what he couldn’t accomplish during his short time on earth, he would figure out a way to do from ‘beyond’. I just thought he was nuts at the time.”

“Well, dad used comedy in a very clever way, and was able to reach a wider audience to get his message across to everyone,” Paulsen’s daughter said. “I can tell you, he was dead serious about getting to the White House, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were still trying.”

Noma Paulsen agrees.

“I don’t know if it’s campaign fever or what, but there are definitely some strange goings-on,” she said.

“Pat has always represented what’s right about America and has never been afraid to satirize what’s wrong,” said Tom Smothers, an award winning entertainer and political commentator. “When I look at the current selection of candidates, Pat Paulsen is the most qualified, regardless of his physical condition.”

“Having a deceased candidate is appropriate, considering the number of deceased voters already signed up,” said Ruth Buzzi, comedienne, actress and star of Laugh-In and Sesame Street. “At least now, all those nice dead folks will actually have representation! And all presidents are considered great after they die. So if Pat gets elected, we won’t have to wait.”

Today, voters in New Hampshire are pushing for Pat Paulsen write-in votes in the January 8 primary. Key people in Michigan are encouraging their voters to protest the early primary in that state by writing “Pat Paulsen” on their January 15 ballots.

Official news related to Pat’s recent sightings and information about the write-in campaigns can be found on Paulsen’s website, at:

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Pat’s Photo Gallery

December 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Many pictures have been taken of Pat through the years, and here are just a few. We’ve just started scanning them into the computer so we can share them with visitors like you. When we add more, you’ll find them here.

If you have pictures of Pat, or pictures of yourself with Pat, and you want to share them with us, we’d consider posting them here. (As long as there are no pictures of naked people, especially Pat.)

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He’s back, folks. Just when you need him most.

December 29th, 2007 · 4 Comments

In the past few months, lots of folks have contacted us through the old site expressing their displeasure and dissatisfaction with the choices being offered by the major parties this election season. Many have asked about the possiblity of writing Pat’s name on their primary ballots.

New Hampshire will count and report write-ins on the January 8 primary. We will post information about the January 15 primary in Michigan in the next few days. In the meantime, if any of you have specific info about your State’s procedures, please post it here.

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