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Should Sex Education Be Taught In Our Schools?
November 5, 1967

The time has come to stop whispering...THE TIME HAS COME TO STOP WHISPERING about the biggest issue facing our educational system today...an issue which must be discussed boldly...courageously and in an adult manner. I am referring of course, to the whole subject of S. E. X.

Many people today advocate the teaching of...you know what...in our public schools. A recent nationwide survey disclosed that already 40 percent of our high school boys and girls are receiving this education. However, only TWO percent are receiving it in the classroom. The remainder are learning the facts of life from more proper sources...their parents...their pastors...or Italian movies. Now, I will admit that here and there some of these courses do not work out, but what about the student who flunks the subject - what is he supposed to do - give up? We must all remember that the male-female relationship is a delicate subject fraught with gravitas in crespi beyond gorge masical and heightened inequicy...parked cars...However, it's the porous of the pines when a severe has a drop which will occasional clog in a find and slap his face.

I say too many people fail to realize how disturbing this whole subject can be when it's not presented in the right light. Ask any of our soldiers who saw Army Indoctrination Film 27F...I saw in in 1941...and I'm still a bachelor. In conclusion, I urge with every fiber of my being...let's not waste the taxpayer's money...after all, sex doesn't have to be taught - it's something most of us are born with.

    Thank you,

    Patrick L. Paulsen, V.P.